A network of professional representatives with wide technical and expert cheesemaking knowledge takes care of the customers all over the word – offering professional consulting by choosing the right equipment to correspond customer’s needs. In collaboration with producer, Plevnik’s representatives provide a comprehensive service – from consulting and planning to installation and start-up. They ensure complete aftersales service, too.

Plevnik is giving out awards to the best representatives. Not only the sales numbers, but also the quality of the sales and aftersales service, customer satisfaction, cooperation with the producer, attitude to the brand and many other factors were taken into the consideration.

The winners are:

Representative of the year 2021 is AgriMess, Switzerland

Company AgriMess represents Plevnik in Switzerland since year 2004 and is one of the Plevnik’s most trusted and loyal partners. Their sales numbers are constantly growing every year. Despite pandemic situation in year 2020, their sales of Plevnik cheesemaking devices reached remarkable growth. They successfully sell novelties and complete dairy solutions in addition to standard devices. With expert consulting, profound argumentation and the use of Plevnik marketing materials, they sell professional versions of Plevnik devices. Additionally, with their sales and technical team, AgriMess takes care of startup and helps cheesemakers with their first batch – advising how to maintain traditional way of cheesemaking on modern Plevnik devices to achieve even better results. AgriMess presents Plevnik devices not only in own showroom, but also at main Swiss fairs. Many years of hard and enthusiastic work helped to increase Plevnik market share in one of the important cheesemaking countries.

Award for special achievements 2021 goes to BHG, Austria

Company BHG represents Plevnik in Austria since 2015. Their sales team with extensive knowledge of cheesemaking helps with startup and with production of the first batch. Their web shop offers an option of expert advice. Attitude to the customers is always professional, kind and cooperative. Satisfied customers are their long-term base for a large growth in 2020 and previous years. BHG always joins different marketing activities. Together we successfully exhibit at fair Ab Hof for several years.

Awards for lifetime achievements: Mr. Alain Girard and Mr. Yannick Leblanc, Avedemil, France

With this special award for lifetime achievements Plevnik is thanking to Mr. Alain Girard and Mr. Yannick Leblanc for their priceless contribution and committed work over the years.

Mr. Alain Girard founded company Avedemil (specialized in cheesemaking and dairy materials) in year 2000. They became one of the first Plevnik’s representatives in 2008. Now, corporation has a network of their own representatives in different countries offering extensive cheesemaking knowledge and a complete service. As general manager, Mr. Alain Girard was personally engaged in sales and business in general. He always provided honest and professional relationship.

Mr. Yannick Leblanc, technical manager by Avedemil, worked with Plevnik since the start of the representation in 2008. He was the main contact person with Plevnik and directly took care of the sales activities. He was always pleasant, respectful and hardworking member of the team.

Both, Mr. Alain Girard and Mr. Yannick Leblanc had key role by entering the French market and contributed importantly to Plevnik’s recognizability and growing market share in France.

The company Plevnik is a specialist for milk processing – offering complete solutions for dairies up to 2,000 liters: from pasteurizers, cheese kettles, pre-presses, presses, cheese washing devices, cheese cutting devices, butter churns, cheese tables, … to turnkey dairies. By processing of milk, farmers can earn 3-5 times more than by selling bulk milk to a large dairy. Thus, they importantly reduce their dependence on changing milk market prices. In this way is Plevnik creating joyful countryside stories.

Company Plevnik, its team and general manager Mr. Damjan Plevnik congratulate to all the winners.

We are convinced, that these awards will encourage them even more to excellent work and results in following years.