Complete dairy solution – Special offer

Save money, time and energy!

At Plevnik we offer Complete dairy solutions – equipment for dairies up to 2,000 liters: from turnkey dairies to pasteurizers, cheese kettles, pre-presses, presses, cheese washing devices, cheese cutting devices, butter churns, cheese tables, …

When ordering a complete line (minimal 3 devices, one of them has to be a cheese kettle or a pasteurizer) you get a special discount*. 
You can choose from complete lines for:

  • cheese and curd production (for example cheese kettle, prepress and cheese table),
  • yogurt production (for example pasteurizer, cheese table, filling device),
  • butter production (for example separator, butter churn and cheese table),
  • complete dairies.

Devices are suitable for beginners and experienced cheesemakers. 

Now is the right moment! Add value to milk.
With milk processing, you can earn at least five times more than by selling bulk milk to a large dairy. Thus, you will importantly reduce your dependence on changing milk market prices. Due to increased demand for local food of high quality and this special offer, now is the right moment to start your own processing or expand your product range. 

You can trust us. Plevnik is a milk processing specialist.
To our customers, we offer technologically advanced high-quality equipment. Based on almost 30 years of experience we also offer knowledge in the field of milk processing technology. Since starting our business, we have focused on innovation, service quality and adding value for our customers. By helping farmers to earn more, live better and secure their future is Plevnik creating joyful countryside stories.

Using Plevnik devices, cheesemakers improve the controllability and efficiency of their production, milk yield, the level of quality of their products and also product consistency. One of the key features of our devices is also energy efficiency and multi-functionality (perform several different processes with one device). Update your milk processing and increase your profitability! 

We will support you all the way. From idea to the product.
One contact and one contractor for the entire project. We will be your project manager and will be with you every step of the way. You will find your way to an operating dairy quicker, with less organization and worry. Aside from the equipment, you will also get all technical support, including service and warranty.

A network of professional representatives with wide technical and expert cheesemaking knowledge takes care of the customers – offering professional consulting by choosing the right equipment to correspond to customer’s needs. In collaboration with the producer, Plevnik representatives provide a comprehensive service – from consulting and planning to installation and start-up. They ensure complete aftersales service and communicate with customers in their language. 

Use our web page, brochures and videos to get all the needed information about all features and advantages of Plevnik devices. For more information call Plevnik representative in your country or send us enquiry!

This is a great opportunity to get the best dairy equipment for an affordable price. Now is the right moment to start with milk processing or expand your product range!

 *”Complete dairy solutions” discounts are not valid for transport, transport boxes, different electrical connection and all CMS-custom made solutions. They cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.