Elmia Fair in Sweden

Visit us in Elmia Fair in Jönköping (southern Sweden) from the 19th to the 21st October 2022, at our stand D04:64. Use the opportunity for a personal consultation. Take a look at Plevnik’s complete solutions for cheese and dairy production – modern devices enabling efficient and controlled processing of milk. Together with our experts, find the best solution for starting or expanding milk processing. Earn at least 5x more than by selling raw milk! Set the meeting with us!

At Elmia Fair you will see for the first time:
• New Plevnik pasteurizer – cheese kettle Classic 125 EL Avt with an excellent ratio of functionality and price enables the production of many dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, curd, and other …
• New filling machine Plevnik Easyfill 500 E Adv+ which ensures fast, accurate, and efficient automatic filling of yogurt and other homogeneous contents. Awarded with the gold medal at Agra fair 2022.
• Pasteurizer P 200 EL Professional for the automated production of yogurt and other dairy products. With the new controller MC 700i, for advanced professional users, it enables the highest level of repeatability and automation. Key functions: PH sensor, automatic dosing, volume sensor, remote access, etc.

Other devices which will be exhibited:
• Cheese kettle SKH 500 EW Professional with elevating device and controller MC 500 R with recording function. For professional thermic processing of milk into dairy products, such as cheese, curd, ricotta, yogurt, pasteurized milk.
 Pasteurizer All in one PH 100 EZ that can be used as: pasteurizer, cheese kettle, milk cooling tank and fermenter, all within one square meter.
• Prepresses POS 50 and PRP-R 70 multifunctional devices for draining, prepressing, pressing and with PRP-R even cutting the cheese mass.
• Butter churn PJ 25 for fast and efficient butter production.
• Separator 315 for making cream and skimmed milk from raw milk.
• Cheese kettle mini SKM 50 suitale for smaller batches of specialities, as well as for testing new products.
 Supplementary dairy equipment (cheese moulds, manual cheese harp, and others…)

We are looking for additional representatives for Sweden and Finland. Meet us at the fair! If you have any questions on how we could cooperate please get in touch.

Elmia Agriculture Fair is the national trade fair for the Swedish farming. It aims to be the business arena that creates the conditions for a strong Swedish agricultural industry. Sustainable, profitable industry with room for both a great love of farming and a curiosity about innovative ways forward in a competitive world. One of the fair highlights is the climate issue from several aspects in order to show solutions that exist today, but above all to find development opportunities for the industry.