Martin Rausch, Austria

Rausch processes 20,000 liters of milk a year and sells 30,000 of his products. The farm has been managed by Rausch family for several generations. Only a few years ago, after a course they started processing milk.

Farm’s fresh cheese specialties are made from own milk and with selected herbs and spices. The loving care and care of the animals and the careful processing of the milk creates traditional and innovative products for connoisseurs! Rausch has received several gold, silver and bronze medals in various competitions. At the “Kasermandl in Gold” he brought home two gold and three silver medals with his products. Rausch is particularly pleased about the gold medal for the creation of his daughter Julia: “Julia’s sweet apricot dream”.  (GenussKrone, Kasermandl).

Customer: Rausch

Location: Austria

Devices: Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l, Cheese moulds

Final Product: Curd cheese, herb cream cheese, yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, sliced ​​cheese, soft cheese

Volume: 200 l

Year: 2016

Devices used on this project