Special offer – Complete dairy solutions

In this challenging times we will support you with a special offer Complete dairy solutions with a special discount.*
Covid-19 situation is opening new opportunities, too. The general public and states realized the importance of food self-supply and are ready to support it. You can promote new ways of selling: webshop, order by phone/ delivery to address, vending machines, regular weekly deliveries, and many others. Consumers are adapting quickly. Offer them new ways of buying your products without personal contact! Due to Covid-19 and ecology issue (CO2 and other emissions… etc.) consumers are keen on buying local. If needed, they are ready to pay more.

Add value to milk! When processing, you can earn much more, than by selling milk to a large dairy.

With Plevnik high quality user-friendly and long-lasting equipment you can produce high-quality food products. You will depend less on others and be affected less by changing the raw milk prices on the market. Secure your own and your children’s future! Plevnik offers all needed devices for milk processing in one place and complete service – from consulting, planning and production to assembly and start-up. When ordering a complete line for cheese or yogurt production, or complete dairy, you can get a special discount. To get this special discount you have to order at least 3 different devices for milk processing at the same time. One of them has to be a pasteurizer or cheese kettle. With this special promotion is Plevnik supporting cheesemakers – to secure your own production, progress, long term business and stabile income. Now, you can expend your product range! This is a great opportunity to get the best dairy equipment for an affordable price.

Use our new web page, brochures and videos to get all needed information about all features and advantages of Plevnik devices. For more information call Plevnik representative in your country or send us enquiry!

Stay healthy and positive!

*”Complete dairy solutions” discounts are not valid for transport, transport boxes, different electrical connection and all CMS-custom made solutions. They cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers. 

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