Cheese kettle to every dairy farm

Only by 30th June 2024 save up to 2,300€*
by the purchase of cheesemaking equipment!

Add value to milk. Earn at least 5 times more than by selling raw milk! 

With much better incomes, milk processing will enable the development of your farm and better standard for your family. Additionally, dependence on changing milk market prices will be importantly reduced. 

With this special offer, you have an excellent opportunity to start milk processing or expand, modernize, optimize and simplify it. Energy efficiency and automation enable you to reduce energy, water, and labor costs. Automation also helps to solve labor shortages. Don’t wait for tenders! They usually demand broad documentation, energy, money, and much time.

Company Plevnik would like to enable all farmers to process and earn more. This is why, our sales promotion “Cheese kettle to every dairy farm” is expanded. Previously it included only Cheese kettles and Pasteurizer with volumes of 200 and 300 liters. Now, this special offer additionally includes other most popular cheesemaking equipment: Cheese draining table SOM, Pneumatic draining prepress POS 50, Prepress PRP-R, Mechanical cheese press MS, Cheese press PPS, Cheese table SM, Butter churn PJ, Cabinet for cheese ripening OZS and Cabinet for fermentation OZS.

The prices of devices are favorable. This is the way to survive and to develop the farm and dairy. This is also the way to ensure a better life for themselves and a brighter future for their children.

Now is the right time to get Plevnik cheesemaking devices at favorable prices! This special offer is valid only by 30th June 2024!

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For more information about this special offer, please fill out the form below. By e-mail, you will receive a link to the flyer with all the details of the cheese kettles and pasteurizers included in this special offer.

For an offer send us an enquiry, or write us for a consultation at milk.cheese@plevnik.si
You are also welcome to arrange a meeting in our showroom near Ljubljana, where all devices are displayed.

How much milk per batch (L) do you want to process:

50 -199 liters200 - 650 liters651-1.500 litersMore than 1.500 liters

Do you need equipment as a beginner or as an experienced cheesemaker:

beginneran experienced cheese maker

Choose the country you come from:

Plevnik complete dairy solutions – modern cheesemaking devices enable efficient and controlled milk processing. 

Based on 30 years of experience we will professionally advise you the best equipment for your needs. We are milk processing specialists offering a comprehensive assortment of advanced, high-quality cheesemaking equipment, installation with start-up and complete aftersales service. Additionally, we can help you in the fields of milk processing technology, and business development.

For more information or an offer contact a Plevnik representative in your country, send us enquiry, or call us at +386 1 200 60 80.

*This special offer is valid only by 30.6.2024 or until devices in stock are available. Listed savings are approximate and can vary up to the market. Different discounts or sales promotions can not be combined. For the exact price, please contact the Plevnik representative or producer: Plevnik d.o.o. Podsmreka 56, SI 1356 Dobrova, Slovenia. Mail: milk.cheese@plevnik.si, phone: + 386 (0)1 200 60 80.