Intermediate plates for pressing

Presses are devices for pressing various quantities of cheese mass in moulds. They are suitable for making semi-hard and hard cheeses in various batches. The presses are available in mechanical and pneumatic versions. The pneumatic versions are further split into universal, vertical and horizontal.

Intermediate PE plates for pressing are available for MS-U, PPS-U and PPS-A press types as additional press equipment.

Intermediate PE plates are an efficient solution for cheese makers. They provide a more uniform pressing of stacked cheese moulds. With the intermediate plates, you have the possibility of stacking cheese moulds in parallel and also vertically in 2-4 levels in height under one pressing point. With them you can efficiently multiply the number of cheese moulds pressed.

PE plates are inserted between cheese moulds levels. Level separation allows equal distribution of pressing force and use of different dimensions of cheese moulds. Plates are made from PE plastic that is durable and made with smooth surfaces that allows quick and efficient cleaning. The dimension of the plates is 240x490x20 mm.

The advantages of PE plate:

  • stacking cheese moulds 2–4 levels high under one pressing point,
  • equal distribution of pressing force,
  • use of different dimensions of cheese moulds,
  • simple cleaning. 

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