Mechanical draining press MOS 50

Our company has different customers. Some of them process large amounts of milk daily and some others rather a bit less. We noticed that many of our customers lack space in their milk processing rooms or facilities. They also do not plan to buy too much milk processing equipment yet, so they are in the perception of what to buy to satisfy all their needs. We discovered, that customers want a multifunctional device, that would enable them to do most of the work with one device.

We are introducing a brand new multi-functional mechanical draining press MOS 50 that can drain, prepress, and press cheese mass. Three high-quality devices in one. MOS 50 is the perfect device for a cheesemaker with limited space and batches of milk up to 50 kg of cheese mass, who wants a highly functional device that can do the work of three machines. It uses only weights to prepress and press

Since we noticed that some of our customers do not want to spend too much money on electricity and on compressors for pressure The MOS 50 does not need to be connected to any power source or compressed air to work. It is very easy to operate, saves space and time when cleaning – only one device has to be cleaned instead of three. The draining table itself can also be used – you can clean the cheese moulds in the tub.

Support on wheels and working height enables ergonomic operation with the machine and it is easier to move around. The height of the device is compatible with the Plevnik cheese kettle (with a working platform or elevating device). Cheese mass can be poured directly from the cheese kettle and then drained. A movable draining grid ensures the processing of different quantities.