Milk pasteurization with Plevnik devices

Milk pasteurization with Plevnik devices (batch and flow pasteurization)

Milk treatment is essential in order to extend shelf life and ensure health safety of drinking milk and other dairy products. There are various methods of treatment such as pasteurization and microfiltration of milk. One of the most common is pasteurization.
Pasteurization of milk is the process of thermal milk treatment in the temperature range between 62 and 85 °C at different durations. Pathogenic microorganisms and most of harmful microorganisms are destroyed and enzymes are inactivated. That ensures the health safety of the product. Biological value of milk must not be significantly reduced. It is necessary to ensure the lowest temperature and the shortest heating time possible. The appropriate pasteurization regime must be chosen according to the final products.
Important: according to legislation, the process of pasteurization may vary in different countries. A common requirement is that it is necessary to destroy all pathogenic bacteria and reduce harmful microorganisms without damaging the product.
At Plevnik, we offer devices for two regimes of pasteurization: batch and flow pasteurization:

1. For batch pasteurization, we offer pasteurizers Ppasteurizers with cooling unit/aggregate PH and cheese kettles SKH. This type of pasteurization is recommended for producers whose drinking milk batches do not exceed 500 liters or the batches of most other dairy products do not exceed 1000 liters. These devices can carry out pasteurization at a lower temperature (63–65 °C) for a longer time (30 min), which is the most common pasteurization regime.

2. Additionally, we offer continuous flow pasteurizer PP for pasteurization of larger quantities of milk. Pasteurization runs in accordance with all standards, in this case at a higher temperature (72–75 °C) and in a shorter time (15–20 s). The process is 3 times faster compared to batch production and energy consumption for drinking milk is up to 12 times lower. Processes are fully adaptable to your products.