New smart controller MC700i

MC700i is the ultimate, completely new, advanced controller, that enables full automation and processes control. It is designed to be as flexible as possible. The MC700i adds various new functions that are needed for automation. If you are seeking more automation, our new controller MC700i is perfect for you. It will contribute to a more efficient workflow and save you time and energy costs.

Important new functions

  • PH sensor
  • Volume sensor
  • Option of automatic dosing
  • Remote access
  • WiFi assistance
  • Control center integration

MC700i, Plevnik brand-new smart controller saves time, energy and generates more income. Full automation guarantees repeatable quality of dairy products and ensures complete process control. Till now, this type to equipment was only available to big industry. For the first time, Plevnik is bringing top-level automatization technology to small dairies. Find out more!

Plevnik's controller MC700i is compatible with:

P / PH
SKH / SCH / 20

The new MC 700i controller has made my production much easier thanks to the many options for automating production. In the morning I fill the kettle with milk and the dosing units with cultures, calcium, and rennet, select my pre-set program and then come back when the cheese mass is ready to cut. In the meantime, I can focus on other work.

Andre Köfer