Cheese washing device PS

Plevnik cheese washing device PS is a universal device for quality washing of all shapes and types of cheeses during the ripening. Cheesemakers can also use it to wash the boards from ripening room. It is an adaptable device, designed for easy and quick work with minimal water consumption. Compared to manual washing of cheese, work is much faster with less physical stress.


For washing all shapes and types of cheese.

Technical Information

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Plevnik cheese washing device PS

Adjustable cheese washing device for easy washing. You can adjust: water level, fresh water supply and cleaning surface. Universal device for all shapes and types of maturing cheese. Designed for easy and fast work.

Dairy: Tradicijski sirevi, Croatia


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Our Cheesemakers’ Testimonials

If I knew that work with Plevnik cheese washing device PS is so much simpler and physically easier than manual washing, I would have bought it earlier.

Tradicijski sirevi Vladimir Balent

We are very satisfied with cheese washing device. Previously, this was mostly my job, but now all family members like to participate in cheese washing.

Dolinar Danijela, Slovenia Dolinar Danijela