Goasglick, Italy

Dairy Goasglick is located in South Tyrol, at 1575 m above the sea level, on a farm with a history dating from the year 1545.
Florian Wolfsgruber raises goats and makes wonderful goat cheeses in his little dairy. Of course, with a help of Plevnik cheese kettle SKH 300 EL Professional.

He sells goat milk and young soft cheese and semi-hard cheese which is something special. After some days in the dairy, he takes his goat cheese to the GenussBunker, where the cheese ripens and gets its great taste and its special look.

The GenussBunker is an extraordinary project. A relic from the first world war was repurposed. This unique place with nearly 100% of humidity and all year 10 degrees is the perfect microclimate for special Bunker cheeses. They let cheeses from small farmers and also international cheeses to ripen in the natural stone bunker to give them a very special flavor. This cooperation, with passion and the love for cheese, created a bunker-matured specialty, that became a perfect product for gourmet kitchens, with a great story behind it.

Such sustainable production of quality products and the cooperation of small, local producers is very important. Even in pandemic times, they managed to be successful and developed a special goat’s raw milk cheese.

Customer: Goasglick

Location: Italy

Devices: Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l

Final Product: rippened goat cheese, semi-hard cheese, young soft cheese, cheese, goat milk

Volume: 300 l

Year: 2020

Devices used on this project