Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l

Cheese kettles are used for the thermic processing of milk into dairy product, such as: cheese, curd, ricotta, yogurt, pasteurized milk, … They enable thermic processing of milk in the range between 4 °C and 100 °C. Plevnik cheese kettles are made in accordance to international standards, CE directives and the latest findings in dairy industry. They are created for making extraordinary dairy products – for modern and successful cheesemaking stories.


Energy efficiency
Good and efficient processing of cheese mass
Automated processing procedures and remote control
Easy control and cleaning
Extend the functionality of the device
Easy production of dairy products: CHEESE, YOGURT, CURD, RICOTTA, PASTEURIZED MILK, …

Energy efficiency

Between 10% and 30% lesser energy consumption thanks to an efficient energy exchange, which is made possible by: a well-insulated vessel, three part coat with laser-welded exchange surfaces and carefully chosen materials. The water pump facilitates a better heat exchange, which speeds up the heating and cooling processes and thus saves energy and money.


Good and efficient processing of cheese mass

CUTTING: The Plevnik harps are specially designed, sharpened and polished to facilitate smooth cutting. Substituting harps for other stirrers is simple – in a single move. STIRRING: (other direction of harp spinning) Stirring shovles are automaticlly activated when the stirring direction changes, and build the required stirring speed for drying of cheese grains.


Automated processing procedures and remote control

Convenient and easy management using smart controllers that control processes and make the working day more efficient and organized. Save time and money with start and shutdown delay of processes. Set them in such a way that in the morning, thermally treated milk is ready for cheesemaking. Possibility to record and document all active process parameters (temperature, stirring, etc.) and remote control (Wi-Fi).

MC 500 (R) more information

Easy control and cleaning

Easily and quickly control the Plevnik cheese kettle. Due to a well-conceived design of Plevnik devices, including controllers and stirrers, their handling is easy, and the work becomes faster and more efficient. You can start all processes (cutting, stirring, thermal treatment etc.) simply by pressing a button.

Polished interior: Cleaning is faster and easier due to the special surface treatment – 2R polish (prevents sticking to the vessel walls).


Extend the functionality of the device

Possibility to extend the functionality of the device: For a wider range of final milk products (cheese, yogurt, curd, ricotta etc.) and the most modern, easiest, most efficient and more ergonomic work etc.

Heating Options

Different heating options are available:


Different versions of cheese kettles SKH are available: from more simple versions to professional cheese kettles for advanced users. Individual versions have different heating options and different equipment possibilities.

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Additional Equipment

Stirring shovels

For the steady and efficient stirring of the cheese mass during drying. The stirring shovels ensure the homogeneity of cheese grain and whey.


Enables the thermal treatment of milk above 65 °C. Together with the two-part cover, it enables the production of yogurt, ricotta etc.

Two-step cooling

Save ice water (energy), because water from the water supply network is used for cooling from higher temperatures (100-40 °C). Ice water is used for cooling down (40-4 °C).

Protective net in front of the harps

Physically prevents unauthorized reaching into the vessel during operation – for better safety at work.

Working platform

Easier access, higher outlet and easy decantation of the cheese mass to the draining table. Safe, efficient and ergonomic process control.

Elevating device

Enables setting the ergonomic working height and therefore makes work easier. Ideal solution for facilities with a low ceiling.

Water system protection

Protects the lower parts of the kettle against filth and makes cleaning of the entire kettle easier.

Remote acces (WiFi)

You can have control over the process in every moment – even if you are not in a dairy: connect to controller with mobile devices (optional) and remotely control and manage cheese production.
You can: turn on, start delay, transfer records, skip to next step in a process, change a temperature and some other parameters such as stirrer speed or direction.

Stainless steel control panel

The INOX control panel is very durable and makes cleaning easier (the picture is symbolic).

Cheese table

Plevnik cheese tables SM 97, 147 and 199 come with detachable legs. This lowers transport costs since they can be packed together with a cheese kettle.

MC 700 i

High-tech controller designed for advanced users that enables higher levels of automation and repeatability.

Technical Information

More information about types, heating power according to version, dimensions, cooling and hot water connections, weight, outlets, …

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Making cheese from 800 l of milk with Plevnik SKH 1000

Production of semi-hard cheese from 800 liters of milk with Plevnik cheese kettle SKH 1000 EW Professional with controller MC 500, cheese harps, Z-stirrer and manual harp and prepress type PRP-R 120.

Dairy: Ecological farm Kukenberger, Slovenia

Our Cheesemakers’ Testimonials

Superior heating, cooling and milk processing performance in all process phases is what I can say about the Plevnik cheese kettles. The best cheese, yoghurt and curd are the logical result.

Toni Kukenberger, Organic farm Kukenberger

Best equipments! They really ‘add value to milk’!

Sabin Mantu, Mansel Alimente cu Traditie

The Plevnik cheese kettle SKH 200 EL Advance+ corresponds to our needs very well. It is robust and easy to operate. At the same time, it has more functions than the previous one. Our work became easier and less time-consuming. All processes are done quickly thanks to effective heating and cooling. The device serves us very well. The price-performance ratio is very good.

Rita Schäpe University of Neubrandenburg

We are a small cheesemaking dairy with a production capacity of about 2000 l of milk per day. From Plevnik, I only use a cheese kettle, which is like a Mercedes among cheese kettles. It made my work much easier. In the future, I will look only for Plevnik devices.

Mr. Jan Bareš, Dairy Bratří Brunnerů, Czech Republic

Plevnik devices are at very high quality and excellent for my business. The best quality cheese and milk products cannot be made without high technology equipment, like Plevnik cheese kettle and other cheesemaking devices.

Nicolae Romosan, Dairy Lactate Romosan

We are very satisfied with the Plevnik devices (SKH 650 EW Professional, SOM 159, SKM). We have great products and new ideas at the expense of excellent equipment, which we use to our advantage. We have good relations with Plevnik employees in the field of sales and service.

mag. Darija Četina, Flis farm

The device is wonderful. The harps are great. They rotate in both directions, are easy to install, extremely strong and at the same time thin enough to cut the cheese mass into beautiful cubes (big and small). We are also very impressed with the mixing paddles which really make the job easier.

Sonja Videc Goat-cheese farm Videc

We bought a cheese kettle SKH 800 EW to allow us to manufacture almost all dairy products. With the purchase of SKH, we optimized processing in terms of quantity and time. Excellent quality, build on many years of experience and state-of-the-art energy and technological efficiency.

Peter Hecl, Hecl farm

We are very satisfied with the Plevnik cheese kettle SKH 300 EW Professional. For our capacity, it is a simple and universal device, enabling us production of many different products - with different processing procedures. For us, it is important as well, that cleaning is quick and easy.

Urška and David Švab, Švab farm

A huge advantage of the Plevnik Cheese kettle S K H 300 is that we can make all of our products in one device. Yogurt, curd, fresh cheese, and a variety of other dairy products. Our goal is to produce high quality and safe dairy products, that Plevnik technology enables. If any challenges or problems arise, with the help of their technologists and service technicians, they are quickly and effectively resolved. Their technologists advise us and if service is needed they offer complete and high quality service. Plevnik devices enable us to produce repeatable dairy products – safe and of constant quality. From start to finish the story of the company Plevnik is really good and complete.

Valentina in Janez Rosc Kmetija Spodnji Strmčnik