Updated controllers with remote access

Plevnik controllers MC 500 and MC 500 R with remote access (Wi-Fi) and additional program settings

From now on, you can have control over the process in your cheese kettle or pasteurizer in every moment – even if you are not in a dairy: you can connect to controller with mobile devices (optional) and remotely control and manage cheese production. You can: turn on, start delay, transfer records, skip to next step in a process, change a temperature and some other parameters such as stirrer speed or direction.
Some important additional program settings are now available, too.

MC 500 and MC 500 R are updated with new functions:

  • Additional NEXT function during the process allows to skip a step
  • Choose between 3 steps of heating power (available for EL executions with module for)
  • You can choose between 12 thermal treatment programs, which can be
    adjusted to your recipes and are completely automated and repeatable
  • 6 programs are now even further customizable and provide up to 15 steps
  • Additional Free adjustable program and Water bath program (secondary temperature control, yogurt fermentation and preparation of warm water)
  • Programs can be renamed
  • Heating / maintaining temperature function has more modes
  • Accurate display of stirrer speed
  • MC 500 R has USB data transfer port built into the cabinet (no need to open the electrical cabinet)

Plevnik controllers MC 500 and MC 500 R are a modern, user-friendly controllers which offer complete automatization, repeatability, adjustability and control of processes. With a large 5” colour touchscreen, use of controller is simple and intuitive. MC 500 R with integrated recorder enables full process control. It automatically documents all active processes and offers excellent and complete overview.