Plevnik traveling fair for cheesemakers

We are coming to visit you!
Would you like to see state-of-the-art cheesemaking equipment in person? We have found a way to show it to you and meet you in person. Plevnik traveling fair (open-air showroom) is coming to visit you in your country. You will be able to see a wide assortment of equipment for milk processing. Our representatives will gladly help you to choose the right equipment according to your needs. Take advantage of the special fair offer we prepared for you.

Add value to milk and become a master of your future!
Consumers are increasingly demanding quality food of local origin. As milk bulk prices are low, starting your own processing is a smart decisionAdd value to milk and earn at least five times more. By becoming a cheesemaker, you will be more independent on changing market bulk milk prices, secure the development of your farm. Create your own joyful countryside story!

See state-of-the-art cheesemaking equipment and ask for advice.
At Plevnik traveling fair events you will be able to see: 

Take the opportunity and ask our experts for professional advice about our devices or milk processing.  Plevnik devices are suitable for beginners and advanced cheesemakers.

When & where can we meet
CountryDateEvent locationRepresentativeContact                                             Phone
AT1.6 – 2.6.21Gewerbegebiet 600d, 6232 MünsterHechenblaikner Helu                            +43 (0) 5337 8484
CH4.6 – 6.6.21Hilagstrasse 20, 8360 EschlikonMeierhofer Inox                 +41 7196 67010
CH8.6 – 9.6.21Rue de la Gare 3, 2345 Les BreuleuxKämpf Fournitures Laiteres                       +41 79642 4756
IT11.6 – 12.6.21Via Virle 26, 10067 Vigone (TO)Sartore              +39 (0)11 980 1158
HU15.6 – 16.6.21Tasnadi u. 48, 8000 SzekesfehervarAGROMILK                  +36(0) 2239 7187
SK18.6 – 19.6.21Hlavna 1, 91108 TrenčínMVL Štefánek s.r.o.,                      +42(0)13274 784914


Mláka 80, 37901 Novosedly nad Nežárkou                        +42(0) 60780 6688

Your safety is important to us!
We want to ensure that your visit is safe. We will consider all Covid measures: mask, distance, disinfection. Therefore, it is necessary to make an appointment with your Plevnik representative.

More that 400 dairies per year – You can trust us! 
We are milk processing specialist– offering complete dairy solutions – equipment for dairies: from turn-key dairies to individual devices: pasteurizers, cheese kettles, pre-presses, presses, flow pasteurizers, process stirring tanks, cheese washing devices, cheese cutting devices, butter churns, separators, cheese tables, etc. To our customers we offer advanced, modern and high-quality equipment. Our specialty is that we also offer knowledge in the field of milk processing technology. Since starting our business, we have focused on innovation, service quality and to adding value for our customers.

By using Plevnik devices, cheesemakers improve the controllability and efficiency of their production, milk yield, the level of quality of their products and also the product consistency. One of the key features of our devices is also energy efficiency and multi-functionality (perform several different processes with one device). By using Plevnik devices cheesemakers update their milk processing and increase profitability. See our references.