Updated PRP-R – now with cutting function and many new features

Plevnik prepress PRP-R has  many new functions and new, more favorable price.

The PRP-R multipurpose device is intended for receiving the cheese mass, draining away the whey, prepressing it with compressed air, cutting it into desired cheese blocks and pressing it (in the cheese moulds). It is suitable for making semi-hard and hard cheeses and for making soft cheeses, as well as draining away the whey, etc.


As standard equipment there are:

  • New larger pressing point cylinders (cylinder 50).
    They allow greater pressing surface and thus greater force for (pre) pressing.
  • Serial support on wheels ensure easier movement in the dairy, less needed space and efficient, flexible work.
    Allows simple repositioning and transporting of cheese mass thorough the dairy.

Important new function: Cutting* of the cheese mass

Cutting of the cheese mass into pieces of desired dimensions is done precise, safely and without physical stress.
Cutting is done semi-automatically. Movable pressing bridge with attached knifes is lowered or lifted with pneumatic cylinders. The number of pieces can be from 2 to 5 (depending on desired size/mass of cheese). No need for manual cutting with a knife!

*Additional equipment.

New distributor of the cheese mass*

Enables much more even distribution of the cheese mass in to the draining table. Distribution is gentle, no cheese mass is lost.
Portioning can also be done directly into cheese moulds of larger dimensions (1-3 cheese moulds at the same time). For the optimal distribution new spreading head is designed. Distributor is placed directly on to the movable bridge. In that way height adjustment and movement in forward and back direction is possible. Cleaning process CIP is done automatically by pumping the cleaning solution through distributor.

*Additional equipment.

 New double pressing point**

Double pressing plate on leveler arm replaces the standard single press point and doubles the quantity of pressed moulds. Convenient solution for large number of cheese moulds.

**Additional equipment. Available only with pressing points size 80 or 100.

New better price and more efficient work

Our knowledge, experiences and large sales numbers brough serial production and optimisation of the procedures. Scheme of materials was optimised to enable efficient and smooth production. With less time and materials spend, significant savings enabled us to reduce the price for 10-15% without any reduction of the quality. All functionalities, features, quality, durability and design remain the same or even better.

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More information about Plevnik prepress PRP-R

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