Copenhagen Goat Milk

Copenhagen Goat Milk is a small farm dairy and has a tiny farm shop in Jystrup, around 50 km from Copenhagen. Summer and Claus Christoffersen are satisfied users of Plevnik Cheese kettle SKH 200 EL Advanced+. They started unique production of French inspired goat cheeses made from super fresh milked goat milk. They produce not only delicious goat cheeses, but also yogurt, ice-cream and even soap.

The goats are of an old Danish breed and they live at the farm where they have a good life in a natural environment. The holistic grazing means that they get a new piece of land all the time. This improves the quality of the milk and it is good for the CO2 emission.  Kindly invited to see video from Klinken’s Kitchen below.

Customer: Copenhagen Goat Milk

Location: Denmark

Devices: Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l

Final Product: goat cheeses, yogurt, ice-cream, soap

Volume: 200 l

Year: 2018

Devices used on this project