Cotti Agricoltura, Switzerland

The dairy Cotti Agricultura works for more than 20 years and lies at 2000 m above sea level at Alp Flix in the canton of Graubünden. Despite hard natural conditions, they have mastered this challenge and made successful story. During the summer months, 250 milk sheep find the best feed on Alp Flix, the healthy and natural basis for the unique character of sheep’s cheese made from raw milk. 80.000 liters of the finest sheep’s milk is processed into cheese, which is sold very well.

In the spring of 2018 they even expanded the processing rooms and stored the first wheels of cheese in the new vaulted cellar made of clay bricks. Since then, they have been making cheese in a Plevnik Cheese kettle with copper inside SKH-Cu 1000.

Manuel and Linard Cotti say:
“After two cheese seasons with the new cheese kettle, we can draw a positive balance: The processing process has been simplified, but also optimized at the same time. The quality of our sheep cheese has been increased thanks to the gentler processing. Customers often praise our products. In general, sales have not decreased so far because of the pandemic. Fortunately! “

Customer: Cotti Agricultura

Location: Switzerland

Devices: Cheese kettles with copper inside SKH-Cu 300–1500 l

Final Product: sheep cheese

Volume: 1000 l

Year: 2018

Devices used on this project