Formaggeria Alpi Graie, Italy

Mattia Turinetti and his wife Elisa Drò run a fully organized mountain micro dairy farm Formaggeria Alpi Graie in Cantoira, Italy.
They had the courage to open a shop to promote and sell local products.

They produce many different products: fresh and ripened cheese, Mozzarella, Toma (various types of fresh, seasoned, with herbs, onion), Fontal, Ricotta, yogurt, pudding, butter…
Production od diary products from their own cow and goat milk allows them to run their farm in sustainable way.

Customer: Formaggeria Alpi Graie

Location: Italy

Devices: Cheese kettles – mini SKM 50–150 l

Final Product: fresh and ripened cheese, Mozzarella, Toma, Fontal, Ricotta, yogurt, pudding, butter

Volume: 50l

Year: 2020

Devices used on this project