Oveja Vasca, Chile

Ana María Vial is the owner of Oveja Vasca, a dairy in the Araucanía Region, Chile.  She became a dairy farmer by chance. When she and her family were searching the countryside for land to build small-scale agricultural projects, her husband came across an advertisement selling sheep. They decided to first buy three sheep. The herd grew steadily and now they have about 150 Latxa sheep. The dairy produces sheep’s cheese and is made according to the natural milk production cycle of their Latxa sheep. The sheep provide them with enough milk during specific times of the year so that they can make different cheeses. Their cheeses and other products are natural and vary on the heard, the seasons, and the particular conditions of the fermentation processes. The animals are raised in the best conditions, they receive constant care and love. They enjoy open space to graze and move around. Plevnik Cheese cutting device RS 400 with  1/8, 1/10, and 1/12 cheese cutting knives and Cheese washing device PS 50 make Ana’s work more efficient, faster, and easier. The Cheese cutting device RS 400 also ensures safe work for cheesemakers.

Customer: Oveja Vasca

Location: Chile

Devices: Cheese washing device PS, Cheese cutting device RS

Final Product: sheep cheese


Year: 2021

Devices used on this project