Spodnji Strmčnik Farm, Slovenia

Spodnji Strmčnik is a farm located on a beautiful hillside in the Upper Savinja Valley, Slovenia. Janez and Valentina Rosc, the farm owners, are already the fifth generation taking care of the farm. There are 12-15 dairy cows on the farm and the whole herd count is 22-25 cattle. It is a small farm but the hard-working owners found their way to make it efficient and successful. Since they live away from any city, they have decided to create a business at home. With no need to commute to work, the couple and their four kids have more time to be together. When the kids come back from school and kindergarten, their parents are already there for them. They have the comfort of staying in the safe and friendly environment of their own home.

Family Rosc built a new dairy and equipped it with Plevnik devices. They started milk processing with a cheese kettle SKH 200 EW Professional with controller MC500. Recently they also bought a cheese kettle SKH 300 EW Professional with MC 500 controller and elevating device, and a Pneumatic draining prepress POS 50.

We are very pleased with Plevnik devices. They are user-friendly, easy to use, made from quality materials and they are easy to clean. But the most important thing is that you can make multiple products in one device.” – the owner explains.

As Valentina and Janez make many different types of dairy products, like young cheese, hard cheese, yogurt, Greek yogurt, curd, and milk, it is important for them to have multifunctional devices, which also save not only money and space, but also time.

We chose Plevnik because of its complete dairy solutions. All the devices are complementary to each other. They also consult and have excellent after-sales service. Everything that a cheesemaker would want.’’ When it comes to the cheese kettle owner pointed out features that are the most important to them. “A huge advantage of the Plevnik Cheese kettle SKH 300 is that we can make all of our products in one device. Yogurt, curd, fresh cheese, and a variety of other dairy products. Our goal is to produce high-quality and safe dairy products, that Plevnik technology enables. If any challenges or problems arise, with the help of their technologists and service technicians, they are quickly and effectively resolved. Their technologists advise us and if service is needed, they offer complete and high-quality service. Plevnik devices enable us to produce repeatable dairy products – safe and of constant quality. From start to finish the story of the company Plevnik is really good and complete.’’

Valentina added: “Regarding Pneumatic draining prepress POS it is important for the cheese mass to drain evenly. We can regulate the draining process. It is important that by doing everything in one device there is less cleaning. It is not necessary to clean three but only one device.

Products created on the farm turned out to be a success and received awards, such as: “Culinary delights of Slovenian farms”, which the family is really proud of. They are sold directly at their farm, in the vending machine, and also through home delivery.

The proactivity of Valentina and Janez made their dream of working and living on the farm with their four young kids come true. Self-sustainable life in the rhythm of nature among the closest family turned out to be Family Rosc’s recipe for yet another joyful countryside story.

We would like to thank family Rosc for inviting us to watch the process of preparing traditional curd with Plevnik devices. To follow this process please watch the video below.

Customer: Spodnji Strmčnik

Location: Slovenia

Devices: Pneumatic draining prepress POS, Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l

Final Product: young cheese, hard cheese, yogurt, Greek yogurt, curd, milk

Volume: 300 l

Year: 2016

Devices used on this project