GO AT Group AB, Sweden

The motivation at the heart of the GO AT is a passion for animal welfare.  Dairy farm is producing delicious Öländsk milk and dairy products.

In 2016, they built a new dairy, with the latest machinery to produce high quality pasteurised goat dairy products. They also added a music system for relaxation of their goats! As well as a massage and grooming machine, which their goats enjoy. This has been a labour of love which is very much reflected in the quality of their products.

Customer: GO AT GROUP AB

Location: Sweden

Devices: Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l, Cheese table SM, Cheese moulds

Final Product: Goat Milk, Drinking Yoghurt, Cream, Butter, Fresh  Cheese Spread , Ricotta, Grill Cheese,  Fresh ,Cheese, Soft , Cheese, Blue, Cheese, Matured, Cheese, Ice – cream

Volume: 1000 l

Year: 2019

Devices used on this project