Mansel, Romania

Mansel Alimente cu Traditie is an ecologically certified dairy cow farm which  produces under name Branzeturi de Liesti. It was founded in 2007 in Liesti Commune, Galati County in Romania. The milk processing point received the ecological certification in 2013. Liesti cheeses are made from fresh milk, obtained from sheep, goats and cows fed with ecologically certified feed. They use Cheese kettle SKH 500 EWProfessional, Cabinet for fermentation OZF 1400 and Pasteurizer P300 EL Professional.  

Customer: Mansel Alimente cu Traditie

Location: Romania

Devices: Pasteurizers P 50–1250 l, Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l, Cabinet for fermentation OZF 700-1400

Final Product:  sheep, goat and pasteurized cow's milk, yoghurt, cheese, fresh cheese, fermented cheese, curd

Volume: 300l + 500l

Year: 2020

Devices used on this project