Søtofte dairy, Denmark

Michel Pouelsen and Marie Østergaard from Ringsted, Denmark, manage their Søtoftes Jordbrug & Gårdmejeri farm  with 25 cows in a sustainable way: calves drink milk from their mothers, so they milk them only once a day, 1,400 hens move to pastures behind the cows. In their own dairy Søtofte the milk is pasteurized in Plevnik pasteurizer P 200. They also make fresh cheese and yogurt. Michael and Marie sell their products not only to local customers, but also to the best restaurants and hotels in Copenhagen. Customers appreciate knowing where their food comes from.

Customer: Søtofte jordbrug og mejeri

Location: Denmark

Devices: Pasteurizers P 50–1250 l

Final Product: milk, yogurt, fresh cheese and yellow cheese

Volume: 200 l

Year: 2019

Devices used on this project