Dairy MIH – Pernjak, Pag, Croatia

The MIH family dairy is owned by the Pernjak family, which throughout its history has been associated with the island of Pag, a difficult life and a love for sheep farming. It has always been known as a producer of premium cheeses, and the family tradition dates back to 1890. Even then, the name Pernjak is synonymous with quality, just like today.

More recently, the modern MIH cheese factory, after the construction of a larger cheese production facility in 2006, which was built to European standards with a modern production facility, is expanding its range to produce cows and mixed cheeses in addition to sheep.

Customer: MIH - Pernjak

Location: Croatia

Devices: Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l, Draining cheese table SOM, Cheese table with dividing plate SDM, Cheese table SM, Pneumatic press PPS-U

Final Product: sheep hard cheese, mixed cheeses, soft cheese, curd

Volume: 3000l

Year: 2016

Pernjak shop

Cheese kettle SKH 3000

Cheese kettle SKH and Cheese draining table SOM

Salting vats

Pouring curd from cheese kettle SKH into cheese draining table SDM

Devices used on this project