Lactate Romosan

Dairy Lactate Romosan from Alba, Romania, is well known for natural and high-quality products (cheese Telemea, Kashkaval, ricotta, cream, butter, fresh milk, …). They use cow and sheep milk from own farm and from few other small farmers.
Owner Mr. Romosan Nicolae built a successful cheesemaking business. He ensures that Plevnik devices are at very high quality and excellent for his business. According to him, the best quality cheese and milk products cannot be made without high technology equipment, like Plevnik cheese kettle and other cheesemaking devices.

Dairy Lactate Romosan is equipped with Plevnik Cheese kettle SKH 500, Cheese press MS-U2, Draining cheese table SOM-109, Butter churn PJ 25, Cheese table SM-199 and Vacuum device FC 300.

Kindly invited to see video about Dairy Lactate Romosan.

Customer: Lactate Romosan

Location: Romania

Devices: Butter churn PJ, Cheese kettles SKH 50–1500 l, Draining cheese table SOM, Mechanical cheese press MS-U, Cheese table SM

Final Product: cheese Telemea, Kashkaval, ricotta, cream, butter, fresh milk, ...

Volume: 500 l

Year: 2019

Devices used on this project