Find the right device for your small dairy

Wide variety of cheese kettles and pasteurizers

Plevnik offers many different devices. All kinds of dairy products can be made with them. Which one is the right one for you? It depends on your needs: what are your main products, what temperatures are required, what is the quantity of processed milk, what kind of energy source and cooling water are available, are you a beginner or an experienced cheesemaker, what level of automation is needed …

Advanced pasteurizers and cheese kettles

They enable the production of a wide range of dairy products. They are distinguished by energy efficiency, high-quality and efficient processing of the cheese mass, diverse and efficient stirring, automated processing procedures, easy operation, and cleaning. A wide range of accessories offers many possibilities to extend the functionality. State-of-the-art controllers (in different languages) with a color touch screen enable process automation and stable quality of your products. Remote access and digital recording are also available.

Plevnik Pasteurizer P 50-1250 with many different stirrer options and a cover, is the right choice for those who make more yogurt and pasteurized milk than cheese or curd. They can be made easily in the way that cutting of the cheese mass is done manually with hand cheese harps.

Plevnik Cheese kettle SKH 50-1500 with automated cheese harps is excellent for the production of all kinds of cheese and curd. As well, you can make all kinds of yogurt, pasteurized milk, and many other dairy products, too.

For larger batches you can choose from Cheese vats and cisterns SKH/SCH 2O 500–5000 l, Cheese vats and cisterns SKH/SCH 1000–4000 l, Flow pasteurizer PP 500–3000 l, and Process stirring tank – PST.

Pasteurizers PH for thermic processing between 4 °C and 100 °C

You can buy only one device to make all your dairy products and use it as a milk cooling tank, too. Pasteurizers PH with cooling aggregate (PH 100) or with a cooling unit (PH 200-650) can be used as pasteurizer, cheese kettle, milk cooling tank, and fermentor. Multiple stirrers enable making of various products, such as yogurt, pasteurized milk, cheese, curd, cream, mozzarella, jam, sauces, etc. All PH devices are equipped with controller MC 500.

Plevnik Pasteurizer PH 100 Monoblock All in one is a universal, flexible, mobile, and compact device. It requires only 1 m2 and is very simple to install. It does not need any additional installations, only a power outlet.

Plevnik Pasteurizer PH 200-650 has a standalone heating and cooling unit and is extremely energy efficient. Four diffirent executions are avalible.

Cheese kettle SKH-H for thermic processing between 4 °C and 100 °C

Plevnik Cheese kettle SKH-H 200-650 is a universal device for milk processing into dairy products. Compared to the SKH cheese kettle, the SKH-H has an independent heating and cooling unit that can cool milk. It can be used as a cheese kettle, pasteurizer, cooling tank, fermenter. One device for making all types of dairy products like; soft, semi-hard and hard cheese, yoghurt, curd, …